FSB JB4 WMI Water Injection controller

The BMS JB4 FSB Water Injection controller allows the JB4 to control your WMI pump and solenoid for dynamic progressive flow mapping. It also allows the JB4 to monitor pump current to overlay it with CANbus feedback for tuning parameters such as fuel trims and fuel pressure to provide a comprehensive flow based safety system.

    Water/Methanol injection for your forced induction project is the perfect way to greatly reduce intake air temperatures while increasing fuel octane levels. This advantage will allow for safe tuning of higher boost levels and more aggressive ignition tuning, without the cost of race fuels!


    Reduces Air Inlet Charge Temps
    The term “liquid intercooling” with water/methanol injection refers to a highly atomised mist of water/methanol that is injected into the air stream and begins to evaporate. As it does, this evaporation effect reduces air charge temps by as much as 100 degrees, and delivers a more oxygen-rich air charge.

    Reduces Detonation (Knock)
    Water absorbs heat (6x more than fuel), and methanol is a cool burning, anti-knock rated fuel. When combined and introduced into the inlet stream, they can effectively increase your vehicle’s anti-knock index so you can reliably increase boost pressure and advance ignition timing using pump fuel.

    Reduces Carbon Deposits
    Modern vehicles fitted with Exhaust Gas Re circulation (EGR) devices for emissions control promote heavy carbon build up inside the air intake. This carbon build-up can create ‘hot spots’ in the combustion chambers that can cause detonation. Water/methanol injection has a ‘steam cleaning’ effect that reduces this carbon build up, and in some cases can increase fuel economy.

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    Coolingmist/BMS Failsafe

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