This is the Coolingmist stage 1 water methanol injection kit. This kit comes with a boost switch for activation which can be set anywhere between 3-30psi (the kit will turn on as soon as boost exceeds the set point, running over 30psi is perfectly fine for the switch), the kit also includes a solenoid as standard taking away the risk of a failed check valve or the need to upgrade to a solenoid if you are doing direct port or post throttle body injection using a spacer plate etc.

The kit will also include an injector to suite your engine horse power.

This kit will work on all turbo/supercharged petrol or diesel vehicles, it’s very well suited to engines that are particularly low lag or a user not looking to be dependant for water meth.

Testing this setup is pretty easy. Remove the nozzle from your vehicle but leave the nozzle connected to the hose. Make sure only water is in your tank. Turn the key to your car on. Take the wire that is connected to Pin 1 on the boost switch and move it to pin 2. When you do that the system will inject. This will tell you if your wiring is correct. If this does not work, double check your wiring. Once you are done testing move the wire back to Pin 1.

Kit Contents

  • 200psi pump
  • Adjustable pressure switch 3-30psi
  • 20ft of High Pressure Tubing
  • Injector (please supply engine cc & max boost + rpm so we can supply appropriate sizes).
  • Nozzle Holder
  • 300psi Solenoid
  • tank tap
  • All fittings needed for installation
  • Inline Fuse Holder with 10 amp fuse + Relay
  • 10' of red and black wire
  • Zip ties and wire splices and connectors

Water/Methanol injection for your forced induction project is the perfect way to greatly reduce intake air temperatures while increasing fuel octane levels. This advantage will allow for safe tuning of higher boost levels and more aggressive ignition tuning, without the cost of race fuels!


Reduces Air Inlet Charge Temps
The term “liquid intercooling” with water/methanol injection refers to a highly atomised mist of water/methanol that is injected into the air stream and begins to evaporate. As it does, this evaporation effect reduces air charge temps by as much as 100 degrees, and delivers a more oxygen-rich air charge.

Reduces Detonation (Knock)
Water absorbs heat (6x more than fuel), and methanol is a cool burning, anti-knock rated fuel. When combined and introduced into the inlet stream, they can effectively increase your vehicle’s anti-knock index so you can reliably increase boost pressure and advance ignition timing using pump fuel.

Reduces Carbon Deposits
Modern vehicles fitted with Exhaust Gas Re circulation (EGR) devices for emissions control promote heavy carbon build up inside the air intake. This carbon build-up can create ‘hot spots’ in the combustion chambers that can cause detonation. Water/methanol injection has a ‘steam cleaning’ effect that reduces this carbon build up, and in some cases can increase fuel economy.

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Stage 1 kit

  • Brand: Cooling Mist
  • Product Code: Stage1
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